Cyber Corner

Big Breach! CPM Not Affected!
News reports say as many as 30,000 US companies running Exchange email servers were just mass hacked, giving the hackers the ability to read all email and easy access to the companies' other computers. Was CPM affected?
No. We do not run Exchange servers and use the cloud-based Office 365 version which was not hacked. We work hard to deploy the latest technology, promptly apply patches, and keep up with best practices. Keeping your data safe is fundamental to our providing you service and value every day.

So, was CPM just lucky to be on the right version?
While we did not know about the flaw making the Exchange email servers vulnerable (even the best experts did not know – this was a zero-day exploit) we saw security as one of the advantages of the cloud-based Office 365 version. This is one of those cases where we say “The harder we work the luckier we get”.

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