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Your Journey to Financial Wellness Starts Here

At CPM Federal Credit Union, we care about your financial wellness. CPM is committed to providing free financial education to our members and the community. We provide seminars/webinars on Understanding & Improving Credit, Saving & Budgeting, Fraud & Scams, and much more. GreenPath is a trusted national nonprofit since 1961. Through our partnership, everyone who contacts GreenPath receives a free financial counseling session. Let’s make your financial goals happen, together.

Counseling Services

Financial counselors can offer a credit review, help setting up a household budget, understanding student loan options and even preparing to buy a home. If you would like to connect with a professional financial counselor CLICK HERE.

Debt Management

Debt Management Plan: A Debt Program Designed Around You

How Debt Management Plans Work

  • You pay one single payment
  • With lower interest rates
  • Then collection calls stop

GreenPath® can support you in paying off your debt faster. Learn more about how a GreenPath® Debt Management Plan can benefit you.

Were here to help.


Webinars from budgeting to buying your first home. Learn more

Online Courses

Our partner Greenpath® Financial Wellness offers short and easy to follow online courses for common financial questions. These courses are filled with expert level knowledge on numerous financial topics. CLICK HERE to enter the online Learning Lab.