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Close up of a man using mobile smartphone soft focus, video calls, holidays to work, using the InternetTake control of
your account with CPM Card Controls

CPM Federal Credit Union is proud to offer Card Control in CPM Anytime Online Banking! Take complete controls of your CPM Debit or Visa Credit Card.

Our card controls widget allows you to receive real time alerts via your mobile device when specified activity occurs on your credit or debit card. This allows you to immediately identify unauthorized transactions and gives you the ability to temporarily turn your card off to avoid further unauthorized charges. You will also be able to set your alert preferences for how you want to be notified and view recent transactions.

Additionally, you can set controls for how and when your cards are used. You can customize your card through the following categories:

  • Card Activation
    Activate your CPM Visa® Debit and/or Credit Card
  • PIN Management
    Establish or change your debit PIN
  • Locations
    Limit your card to only be used in certain geographic locations you select. Transactions attempted outside your enabled parameters will not be authorized. Stop fraud before it happens!
  • Transaction Types
    Limit your card to be used only for certain transaction types – in store, online, ATM, phone orders, etc.
  • Spend Limits
    Set a spending threshold for your card per transaction. Transactions attempted that are over your indicated spending limit will not be authorized. Great for budget control.
  • Merchant Types
    Enable your card to be used only at certain merchants – retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.
  • Travel
    Place travel notices on your debit card.

Take control of your wallet today!

*Mobile phone carrier fees may apply.


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