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Convenient Services

Convenient, Simple, and Secure!

We know you’re busy, and balancing all the things you have to do is not an easy task. That is why we developed a group of simple services that can help make your life just a little easier. With convenient account access, simple banking options, and a secure environment, CPM Federal Credit Union makes managing your finances a dream.

CPM Mobile & Tablet Banking

Download our mobile app...it's FREE, FAST, and CONVENIENT! Bank your way....Anytime, Anywhere!

CPM Anytime Online Banking

Save time and money with online banking. You can transfer money, make loan payments, transfer funds between accounts or download account information.

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How to add multiple accounts to one sign on:

  • Sign on to CPM Anytime Online Banking.
  • Click on Preferences on the left of the page.
  • Click on Multiple Accounts.
  • Click on Add Account.
  • Enter the account number (User ID) and password for the account being added. (This account must be signed up for CPM Anytime prior to adding this account.)
  • Click on Add Access.
  • On the bottom of the account page screen, the account number will appear with a drop down box to change the account number.

Note: To use CPM Anytime Online Banking, you will need a PC with an Internet connection using the latest released version of these commonly used browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. You can also use an Apple Mac with the latest version of the Safari browser.


CPM Federal Credit Union eDeposit is a secure, online service that allows you to deposit checks into eligible CPM accounts anytime, anywhere. A check can be deposited by using a camera feature on a smartphone device. Then the images and associated deposit information are delivered to CPM electronically. This convenient 24/7 service saves you time by eliminating the trip to an ATM or branch. Read our eDeposit Terms and Conditions


No more stacks of paper cluttering your desk or closet! Sign up for eStatements to view your monthly account statements online anytime. Monthly emails will let you know when your statement is ready for viewing. Simply click on the link in your email or visit cpmfed.com to login anytime!

Not only will you be able to view your statement, but you will have the ability to get copies of your cleared checks by clicking on the blue check numbers in your electronic statement.

Bill Pay

Our online Bill Pay program makes the dreaded task of paying bills much easier. No more checks or stamps, pay bills in your pajamas and slippers if you want. Simply enter your billing information and choose your type of payment and frequency. You can set up recurring payments, a one-time payment and even monthly transfers, all in the comfort of your home.

Telephone Banking

Use our automated Personal Account Line – PAL! Check your balances, hear what checks have cleared, transfer money between accounts, or make credit union loan payments with our bank by phone service 24-hours a day/7 days a week. Call 800.366.4725.

Contact Center

Another benefit is our service-oriented Contact Center available to answer all of your questions. Our knowledgeable representatives are able to give the same service you have come to expect in the branches. They can even process loan requests. Call us at 800.255.1513

Visa® Debit Card

Convenience in a tiny piece of plastic! No need to worry about cash or checks! A CPM Visa debit card uses money from a linked checking account for purchases.  Learn more about our FREE CPM Visa Debit Card.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is just another way you can use your CPM Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Card or CPM Visa credit card for everyday purchases; making in-store and in-app purchases even easier.  Learn more about Apple Pay including how to register your card.

Visa® Gift Cards

Visa® Gift Cards are the perfect choice for those “hard to shop for” individuals. With a much lower fee than you will usually find, Visa® gift cards are available at all of our branches and give you flexibility and security, not to mention easy shopping. You choose the amount (starting as low as $10), we load the card, and you make someone very happy!

Shared Branching Network

As part of the Shared Branching Network, our members will have access to their credit union nationwide. There are over 4,500 participating credit unions throughout the United States that will provide you with the same courteous services that you're used to at CPM Federal Credit Union. Learn more about Shared Branching.

Please note: For your protection, CPM will not be participating or allowing transactions at Shared Branch Express locations. We will continue to support traditional shared branching locations throughout South Carolina and the US.

Nationwide ATM Network with AllPoint and CO-OP

We now offer over 1,100 surcharge-free ATMs in South Carolina and over 62,000 nationwide. Surcharge-free ATMs are conveniently located in Target, Costco, CVS, Hess, Harris Teeter, Walgreens, Publix, Kangaroo, Bi-Lo, Sunoco, and many more! Guess What? We now offer more ATM locations than Bank of America and Wells Fargo combined!!

To locate a surcharge-free ATM anywhere in the country,just use your cell phone to send a text message to the number 692667 and include your address, intersection or zip code.


An easy way to transfer and receive money to and from anyone you know. Not only is this service easy to use, it's FREE to sign up for and transfers can be made between accounts in as little as one business day. You can pay other people who have an email address or mobile number. Using our CPM Anytime Online Banking or Mobile Banking services, you can send other people money and the service is fast, secure and FREE! Learn more about PopMoney.

Other Services

* Night drop at most branches
* ACH services
* Direct deposit
* Payroll deduction
* Money Orders (Orangeburg and Beaufort areas only)
* Free Notary service (CPM members only)
* Wire transfers
* Safe Deposit Boxes (specific branches only)