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What is the purpose of a Supervisory Committee?

The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board to:
Act as the “watchdog” of the credit union to protect and safeguard member assets Ensure that records are maintained properly, honestly and accurately

Make sure that policies are established according to law and carried out faithfully Check to see that proper internal controls are in place Ensure that members receive the best possible service.


John Brisini

Charleston, SC

Employer: AI Group, SC

- Consultant/Advisor/

- BA - College of Charleston
Vm 1 Edited

Victoria Montgomery

Charleston, SC

Westvaco, MeadWestvaco, KapStone

- Accounting Manager/Supervisor
- Retired after 40 years

- BS & MBA - Charleston Southern University
Ardith Rossignol Board of Directors member

Ardith Rossignol

Moncks Corner, SC

Employment: KapStone

- Environmental Engineer, 1997-present
- Quality Lab, 1985-1997
- Technical Service Engineer/Group Leader

- BS - North Carolina State University
Associate board member, Ramon Nieves Lugo

Ramón Nieves-Lugo

Greenville, SC

UniComm Media Group, UMG, Principal and CEO

- University of South Carolina - Upstate - Johnson College of Business and Economics

Our Supervisory Committee is responsible for the oversight and determining if our credit union’s financial condition is fairly presented and our internal practices and procedures are adequate to safeguard our members assets. Should you have a concern, you may contact CPM’s Supervisory committee if you:

Suspect any employee of CPM Federal Credit Union or official of fraudulent or unethical conduct. Reports may be made anonymously. All reviews and investigations will be conducted with a degree of confidentiality that may be applicable given the circumstances of each investigation. Please include as much applicable information as possible. Reports should include:

  1. Name(s) of employee(s)
  2. Nature of the suspected conduct
  3. Where/how the action occurred
  4. How and when the conduct was discovered

Have any unresolved concerns about CPM or your accounts. Reports should be limited to matters the credit union has been unable to resolve through normal channels to your satisfaction. Reports should include:

  1. Your name
  2. Applicable account numbers
  3. Detailed description of the activity of concern including dates, amounts, and types of transactions
  4. Clear explanation of why you have concerns about the activity
  5. Efforts you have made to resolve your concerns prior to the request

Please send your email to
The email address is NOT for general inquiries, and for members desiring prompt resolution of a service issue it is NOT recommended as the sole means of reporting a service complaint


Reports can be mailed to:
CPM FCU Supervisory Committee
P O Box 50581
Summerville, SC 29485