Interested in Serving?

Our volunteers are the heart of CPM. As a not-for profit cooperative we rely on our unpaid volunteers to provide direction to the Credit Union through the Board of Directors and oversight through our Supervisory Committee. The Board Members are elected by the membership at our annual meeting. We have a 7-member Board. Our Board members serve for terms of 3 years and the terms are staggered so each year either 2 or 3 Board positions are up for election. The Supervisory Committee members are appointed by the Board Chair.

Elections are governed by our bylaws. The bylaws provide members may be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors of CPM by CPM’s Nominating Committee. Each year we announce the location of the Annual Meeting and the nominees of the Nominating Committee in our Spring newsletter as the election is held at our Annual Meeting in June. Members may also be nominated by petition. Petitions must contain 500 names and signatures of current CPM Federal Credit Union members and be submitted within 30 days of the delivery of the Spring newsletter. The nominating period for 2017 ran from early April 2017 through early May 2017 and is now closed.

During the period petitions are accepted they must be sent to:
CPM Federal Credit Union
ATTN: Nominating Committee
1066 E. Montague Ave.
North Charleston, SC 29405

We are always interested in hearing from members with an interest to serve. Our volunteers are screened by background checks and are expected to attend monthly meetings held throughout the State (you may attend by phone), review our Board package and other materials before each monthly meeting, take several online training courses each year, and perhaps attend a credit union conference. Some of the required training must be taken within 30 days after becoming a volunteer. We would be glad to talk to you about expectations and the time commitment.

If you are interested in serving, we suggest you let us know your interest and submit biographical information. A resume or LinkedIn profile will work great. Demonstrate your interest and ask about expectations. Attend an annual meeting if you can, and express interest. If you are seeking a Board position be sure the Nominating Committee knows of your interest. If you are interested in a Supervisory Committee position be sure the Board Chair knows.