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shared Branching

What is Shared Branching?

Shared branching offers convenience and expanded service to CPM Federal Credit Union members. The concept is simple – members can access their accounts and take advantage of nearly all traditional branch services at participating locations nationwide. In order to perform transactions at a shared branching location, a member will need their credit union account number and photo identification.

The following are some of the services available at shared branching locations:

Deposits and withdrawals Transfers between accounts Account/loan Inquiries Loan payments Money orders/gift cards Statement prints

And More...

Shared branching is ideal for members who travel on business or pleasure, have children away at college, or relocate out of state – for any situation, it is easy and convenient. When looking for a shared branching location, look for the CU Logo (pictured above). Please visit to search or download branches to your GPS, or call 800.919.2872 to find a location near you.

Please note: For your protection, CPM will not be participating or allowing transactions at Shared Branch Express locations. We will continue to support traditional shared branching locations throughout South Carolina and the US.

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