Message from CEO James Gergen


I am pleased to announce we introduced our dramatically improved online and mobile banking experience on May 6th.
Our online experience now supports all of the following and all for free:

  • Touch ID and facial recognition
  • Joint owners now can get their own UserIDs and everyone sees all their accounts and loans, whether they are the primary owner or a joint owner
  • FICO® scores
  • Lots of new functions including Skip-a-pay (seasonal), stop payment, and loan payoff statements
  • Lots of user customization – background, colors, account nicknames, order of accounts, hiding accounts, uploading your own confidence image, uploading your own profile image
  • You choose if you want to turn on the snapshot feature, and if you do, which accounts you want to see
  • Savings Goals
  • Budgets
  • Improved loan application process

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty as we continue our mission to deliver service and value every day.