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We have important changes and improvements to share with you regarding your CPM mortgage. These improvements will impact how you access your CPM mortgage. As of December 17th, our existing mortgage servicing website offered by Blacknight Servicing will be redirected to a new site and will be removed in early 2022. You will now be able to access your CPM Mortgage loan in CPM Anytime Online Banking regardless of when your loan was originated. You may be accessing this servicing link today to make a payment, see loan information, or other key information regarding your mortgage. It’s important to make note of this change and how to access your mortgage in the future. We hope this email helps you navigate how to manage your mortgage loan with CPM.

This improvement brings more functionality and features. You will now be able have access to features like:

  • Your current balance and original loan terms
  • Escrow, taxes, and insurance information
  • Estimated current home estimate value
  • The current housing market in your neighborhood
  • Goals and calculators for savings
  • Educational tools for mortgage financial needs
  • And more in a very user-friendly dashboard!!

All of this without ever leaving our online experience, bookmarking, or accessing a different website and managing different logins!

We understand this is an uncomfortable change for some of our members and it may cause some inconvenience but with improvement comes change. We believe this change is a benefit to our members by allowing easier management of all their CPM accounts and loans in one place and lots of new features. One stop banking!

If you are not currently enrolled in CPM Anytime Online Banking, It’s fast, easy, and secure! Enroll today. Already enrolled? You are ahead of the game and will simply see your mortgage now appearing on your Account Dashboard. To see more details or to make a payment on your mortgage loan, click More Details or the Pay option. Ready to see your new experience? Login.

Need to make a payment? Not to worry! We have several options for you:

  • Set up automatic payments
  • One-time payment in CPM Anytime Online Banking
  • Contacting us at 855.325.3158
  • Mail payment to: P.O. Box 219958, Kansas City, MO 64121-9958

Please note, if you are accessing our servicing site today using a bookmarked linked or by accessing the website directly, as of December 17th you will be redirected here to login or enroll in online banking or to contact us by phone.

If you are currently enrolled in automatic payments, your payments will continue and there will be no disruption in posting your payment.

We hope you enjoy your new experience but if you have questions or need help, we are here to help! You may contact us 800.255.1513 and a CPM representative will be happy to assist you.