Building Dreams - One Home at a Time

Building your dream home can be both complex and rewarding. We simplify the construction financing process by delivering one seamless solution, a Construction to Permanent (C2P) loan.

Our C2P loan offers the following benefits over a traditional two time close:

  • One Loan A single loan finances the lot, construction costs and permanent mortgage.
  • One Rate The loan program and rate are determined at the close of the Construction loan. After construction completion, the same loan program and rate apply to the permanent loan.
  • One Closing A C2P loan (one-time close loan) saves money on closing costs and reduces time gathering application documents.
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We offer C2P conforming and jumbo loan programs to best meet your financing needs.

  • The interest rate is locked when the construction loan closes, and interest only payments are made until project completion, typically 12 months or earlier.
  • The builder will submit monthly draw requests as the work progresses.
  • Upon project completion, the loan converts to a permanent mortgage.  

Before you start your journey, here’s some helpful tips to consider: 

  • Location of build? 
  • Style and floor plan? 
  • Approximate construction costs? 
  • Qualified builder? 
  • Type of Construction Contract, fixed or cost plus? 
  • Source and amount of downpayment? 
  • Own or purchasing a lot? 

Contact us today and let one of our construction lending experts guide you through the home-building process.

We’ll deliver a solid foundation and provide peace of mind during the construction of your dream home. Let’s build together!

Contact Loan Officer, Clark Adkins and he will help you get started on the path to home ownership.

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