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Vector of US presidential election banner with text and USA flag elements.
Your voice. Your vote. CAN make a difference. 

Candidates win elections based on the people who take action and vote. Your vote does matter and can make a difference. Did you know that only 62.10% of eligible South Carolinians* are registered to vote?  Not sure how to register?  We are here to help.  You can register today and let your voice be heard! 

Are you registered to vote?

Yes? Excellent! See below for some resources on the voting process, candidates, election details and more.
Voting in South Carolina

Not sure or can’t recall your polling place? We got you covered!
Find my polling place

Not registered?
That’s where we come in. Registering is super simple and you have options!
You can register online. Online registration not for you? It's ok. You can register in a few other ways as well. 

Register Online

You will need:

Register by mail, email, or fax

Download a voter registration form, complete it, and return it to your county board of voter registration by mail, fax, or email.

Register in person

Visit your county board of voter registration and register in person.

Did you know you can also register while you are at the DMV? Talk about multi-tasking!

Soooo who can Vote? It sounds like a silly question but some people don’t know.

To be eligible to register in South Carolina you MUST:
be a United States citizen
be at least eighteen years old on or before the next election
be a resident of South Carolina in the county and precinct in which you are registering
not be under a court order declaring you mentally incompetent
not be confined in any public prison resulting from a conviction of a crime
have never been convicted of a felony or offense against the election laws OR if previously convicted, have served the entire sentence, including probation or parole, or have received a pardon for the conviction

Now pay attention, in order to vote, South Carolina requires you to register at least 30 days prior to the election. That means if you want to vote in the upcoming presidential election you must act fast! Did we get your attention? Good!

Important dates and deadlines to remember:
•  Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Deadline to register online to vote is Sunday, October 4, 2020
Deadline to register by mail to vote must be postmarked by Monday, October 5, 2020.
Deadline to register in-person to vote is Friday, October 2, 2020.
Deadline to request a ballot by mail must be received by Friday, October 30, 2020.

South Carolina does offer absentee voting by mail. Learn more here

We all look at change differently and change will look different for all of us. No matter what party you identify with, now is the time to take action and make your voice heard. Spend the next few weeks to get to know your elected officials and those running for office. It’s important to know where your candidate stands on what matters to you. It’s time to vote South Carolina!


“Voting is not only our right- it is our power” Loung Ung