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The Maxx Money Club (Kids 12 and under)
The Maxx Money Club is an
interest-bearing savings
account designed for kids from
birth to 12 years of age. All that
is needed to open this account is the child’s Social Security Number and a $5 opening deposit. An account must be opened with a parent/guardian or another responsible adult.
Benefits include:
Welcome package from Maxx including:
• A special birthday message from Maxx
• Savings passbook and coin pouch
• Reward for hard work! Maxx money club
holders receive $1.00 for every “A” received on their report card ($1.00 per subject, up to $6.00 per student per semester)
• Children under six months of age receive their first $5 as a gift from CPM when the account is opened
• Quarterly newsletter with coloring contest.
• Youth Certificate of Deposit with flexible terms
Quest Savings (Teens 13-17)
As parents, you probably give them all the things they need. But as a teen, they are beginning
to realize there are many things they
want – and those “wants” usually take money. Now is the perfect time to start your teen on their quest for financial independence by helping them to PLAN so they can eventually OWN. It only takes $5 to open a savings account and establish a CPM membership.

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