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CPM knows the importance of early planning. We offer options to meet any financial plan.
Traditional IRAs
With a Traditional IRA you make tax deductible contributions and you pay taxes when you take distributions.
Who is eligible?—Individuals age 70 1⁄2 or younger with earned income may contribute.
Roth IRAs
With a Roth IRA you make after-tax contributions. Your distributions are tax free provided you follow the Roth rules.
Who is eligible?—Individuals, any age, with annual earned income
Place your Traditional IRA or Roth IRA contributions in an IRA share account, any IRA CD, or our special Kickstart IRA account.
Kickstart IRA Accounts
Need to start small and build your IRA with regular contributions? Looking to consolidate multiple IRA accounts and simplify your finances? CPM’s Kickstart IRA account combines a competitive CD yield with the flexibility of making contributions when you want.
• Only $100 to open
• 12-month term
• Competitive CD yield
• Available for both Traditional and Roth IRAs
• Deposits allowed any time during your
term – annual contributions and rollover
• Accepts direct deposits
• Subject to early withdrawal penalty

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