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Important Changes Effective December 1, 2020

We amended our Membership Agreement and Account Disclosure.

Key Changes
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2 We added a table of contents to make it easier to find information
8 We added a section on virtual currency.  We do not accept accounts transacting in any type of virtual currency.
9 We added a section on face masks.  We may prohibit them if not medically required, and even if medically required, we may require you to temporarily remove your mask so we may identify you.
10 We added a section on a privacy exception for fraud or financial exploitation.  To protect the elderly and others we have a right, but not an obligation, to report suspected fraud or financial exploitation.
10 We added language about electronically created items deposited to your account.  You agree to indemnify us against third party claims of loss for a subsequent deposit of the same item, whether such action was authorized by you or not.
13 We added wording about multiple presentments to reiterate that fees apply to each presentment.  This is not a change and this language was already found in both our Fee Schedule and Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.
16 We added more information about International ACH Transactions (IATs).  These are subject to review and examination under OFAC rules.  We detailed the instances in which we have the right to reject, delay or suspend certain transactions.
21 We added information reiterating that if we pay an item contrary to your stop payment order we may require you to establish the fact and amount of loss.  This is not a change and reflects existing law under the Uniform Commercial Code.
30 We added a new section on resolving claims.  We both agree to use arbitration for most disputes.
37 We amended language on remittance transfers affecting international wires. We are not required to provide you the opportunity to cancel an international remittance, and you should presume you cannot cancel such a remittance.
47 We amended one element of our Privacy Disclosure.  If you have a joint account and opt to limit sharing your choice will now apply only to you.  Previously, your decision affected all joint owners, and now, joint owners may select different options.

We made these and other changes.  To obtain a complete copy of our Membership Agreement and Account Disclosure please find Disclosures at the bottom of our main page or request a copy from your local branch. If you receive an electronic statement, you may also use the link embedded in our email notifying you that your September 30, 2020 statement is available.

By continuing to use your CPM accounts and access devices you agree to the amended terms.

You may read the entire document here.