Using CPM eDeposit is fast and easy! Let’s get started!


  1. Download our free CPM Mobile Banking app (available for Android™ and iPhone®)
  2. Log in to your CPM Federal Credit Union account using the CPM Mobile App
  3. Tap the deposits icon at the bottom and follow the below processing steps

  4. Endorse the check using the required restrictive endorsement,
    For eDeposit Only CPM Account

  5. Select “Deposit Check
  6. Choose account for eDeposit

  7. Tap on the word "Amount" to enter the numerical amount of the check. Example: $1.00

  8. Take a picture of the front and back of the item. If image is acceptable and all areas of the check are visible including the MICR and account number, select “use photo”.*Note if using an IOS device* You may be asked to share your camera to complete the eDeposit process.

  9. If you are satisfied with the amount and suffix to be deposited, select “ Yes

It’s that simple!

To find out where your check is in processing, please login into CPM Mobile Banking. You can also select text and email alerts to alert you when a deposit has been made. Enroll today using CPM Anytime Online Banking!

REMINDER: Checks that are eDeposited are normally placed on hold for up to 3 business days.