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CPM Card Controls

CPM Federal Credit Union offers customized card control options for both our CPM Visa® Debit Cards and our CPM Visa® Credit Cards.

Keep your cards secure by accessing our Card Controls widget in CPM Anytime Online Banking for your debit card or credit card. Get alerts in real-time for transactions on both your CPM Visa Credit Card and CPM Visa debit card and immediately identify fraudulent activity or maintain your monthly spending budget. Be alerted for reaching a purchase threshold, international purchases or purchases made online or over the phone just to name a few. You can even turn your card on and off! Have you ever “lost” your credit or debit card only to find it later after it’s been blocked and a new card is on the way? Our new card control options allow you to turn your card on and off as needed. A completely customizable experience. Control that you decide!

Alert notifications are also customizable. Set the right notification that is right for you. How you receive your alert is also customizable by electing to receive a text or an email when an alert trigger is met. Know exactly where your money is going.

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