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Keep your account secure by opting into Visa Alerts. Get alerts in real-time for transactions on your CPM Debit and Credit Card and immediately identify fraudulent activity. Be alerted for reaching a purchase threshold, international purchases or purchases made online or over the phone. You decide!      

Alert notifications are customizable. Set the right notification that is right for you. How you receive your alert is also customizable by electing to receive a text or an email when an alert trigger is met. Know exactly where your money is going.

Enrollment is easy! Visit https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/featured-technologies/purchase-alerts.html to enroll and select your customizable criteria.

Notice unauthorized activity? Contact us immediately at 800.225.1513.

Alerts sent directly from Visa for qualified transactions. Actual time to receive alert dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alert amount may not represent full purchase amount. Additional restrictions apply. Message and data rates may apply.