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CPM Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions:

Is mobile banking for both iPhone and Android users?
Yes! Mobile banking can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone users.

How do I get started with mobile banking?
It is easy! You can find instructions and self-enroll at cpmfed.com.

Do I need to be enrolled in CPM Anytime Online Banking?
Yes. You will need to enroll in that first. You can self-enroll through cpmfed.com.

What if I don’t have a smartphone and only have text ability?
You can elect to receive customized alerts, including text and email. You can also use our text banking options. You can also access using our optimized tablet app!

Can I see my balance?
Yes!! You can see your available balance using CPM Mobile Banking. Your available balance may not reflect all pending transactions such as outstanding checks.

Can I select which accounts I want to access using CPM Mobile Banking?
Yes! Simply select the accounts you want to access during enrollment. Later you can change your account selection from the CPM Mobile Banking tab in CPM Anytime Online Banking.

Can I establish account alerts?
Yes! You can elect to receive e-lerts such as a direct deposit has posted or your available account balance has fallen below zero. You can choose whether to receive these by text or email.

Can I see my balance using the e-lerts?
Yes! You can receive an e-lert by text or email with your available balance. Your available balance may not reflect all pending transactions such as outstanding checks. You can even customize e-lerts to notify you if your available balance falls below an amount you specify.

Can I pay bills using CPM Mobile Banking?
Yes!!! If you are already using CPM Anytime Online Banking you can access and pay those same billers through CPM Mobile Banking!

Can I use popmoney to send money to other people using CPM Mobile Banking?
Yes!!! You can use this free service to send money to people even if they don’t have accounts with CPM. You simply need their email address or cell number. (Free as of July 1, 2014)

Can I see pending transactions using CPM Mobile Banking?
No. Our systems will not know about checks you wrote or transactions you authorized until the checks or transactions are presented to us. Certain debit card transactions are presented to us first as authorizations or pending transactions and later as settlement transactions when they are paid to the merchant and the amount is taken from your account. When we approve authorizations we commit to pay your items and we lower your available balance. We do not post the itemized transactions to your account until they settle. To properly manage your account you should keep an accurate account register.

Can I find a local branch?
Yes!!! All of our branch locations can be found using mobile banking.

Can I find surcharge free ATMs?
It will locate all CPM Federal Credit Union ATM locations but will not locate CO-OP Network ATMs. The following links may be used to find the closest surcharge free ATMs through the CO-OP Network ATM locator. [iPhone CO-OP Network ATM locator] [Android CO-OP Network ATM locator]

Is credit card history available through CPM Mobile Banking?
No, the credit card history is not available.

Is mortgage loan history available through CPM Mobile Banking?
If you can currently view your mortgage through CPM Anytime Online Banking you will be able to view your mortgage loan history through CPM Mobile Banking.

If I have multiple accounts can I use my phone to access them?
Yes. You will need to enable multiple accounts under Your Preferences in CPM Anytime Online Banking. This will require the credentials for each account.

Can multiple phones/devices access the same account?
Yes! Just use the Add New Device under the CPM Mobile Banking tab/My Devices.

Can I receive texts regarding my account?
Yes!! With our customizable e-lerts you can manage your account on the go!

What mobile text options are available?
You can text BAL for available balance, HIST for history, and HELP for additional assistance. You can also find our ATM and branch locations by texting ATM + zip code (ex: ATM29405) or BRANCH + zip code.

Can I use the nickname I identified at enrollment for balance inquiries?
No, the nickname is only used when texting HIST. BAL will give all elected enrolled accounts.

Is the text nickname the same as the account nickname?
No, the text nickname is set up under the CPM Mobile Banking tab under Account Services. The account nickname is established or managed under Your Preferences tab in CPM Anytime Online Banking.

Do I have to download the app to use CPM Mobile Banking?
No. During enrollment you can elect to use Mobile Browser Banking and a link will be sent to you by text.

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