New Password Setup Guide

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CPM recommends clearing all session cookies from your device before beginning the enrollment process. Not doing so can cause older site cookies to be used and can generate some misleading displays or errors. For assistance with your device, please contact your Internet service provider or a computer specialist.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Navigate to in your Internet browser and locate “Login to CPM Anytime”. Enter your user ID and select ‘Log in”

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Step 2: Enter your current password and select “Sign In”

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Step 3: Read through the information provided for “Procedures for security images” and select “Enroll”.

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Step 4: Choose an image by selecting “Click here to change image” and selecting the image you prefer. Enter a pass phrase to describe the image you have chosen and select “Next.”

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Choosing an image and phrase:
• Choose a new image.
• Choose a new phrase or a word between 6 and 30 characters that describes that image.
• The phrase you enter will show up above and below the picture you choose every time you log in. The phrase you choose can be anything; it helps verify your login.
• Do not put your password here.
• When you do log in you will know that the phrase you select goes with the image shown. If it ever does not match, do not proceed and contact us at 800.255.1513.

Step 5: Choose 3 challenge questions and enter an answer for each of them. 

Select either “This is a personal computer. Register it.” or “This is a public computer. Don’t register it.” Click on “Next” to continue. **Answers are case sensitive.** 

questions and answers for log in

Step 6: Verify all portions are filled out to your specifications and select “Finish”. If any changes need to be made, select “Back”. 

verification of change image

Step 7: The same screen will display, this time confirming that you have successfully completed the Enrollment Process. Select “Continue”.

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If you have recently updated your password to meet the updated criteria requirements for security, you will not be prompted to change your password again at this time. 

If you can see your accounts, you have successfully completed your enrollment!

Instructions for resetting your password to meet updated security criteria:

Step 1: If you are prompted to change your password, you will do so by entering your current password as the “Old Password”. 

Step 2: Create a new password and enter it as the “New Password” and re-enter it as “Confirm Password.”

Your password is CASE SENSITIVE and must meet the following criteria:

● At least 8 characters but no more than 12 characters

● No consecutive numbers or letters ex. 1234 or abcd; no numbers or letters in series ex. 1111 or aaaa;

● Can’t contain your address, social security number, phone number, or your name

● Can’t contain the word “password”; can’t contain the word “Fiserv”)

● Contain 3 of 4 ( upper case, lower case, number, special character)

● Special characters are allowed however limited to ! # $ * ? @ : - _ ’ ;

Step 3: Click on the “Submit” button. Once you have submitted your new password and are able to view your accounts, you’re finished! 

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Enrollment process.

Click here to log into CPM Anytime Online Banking.